Mobile Haircut & Style

As a community support worker and mom it’s second nature to me to take care of others and it’s always made me feel good to make someone’s day better.

Its often been a challenge taking clients to a typical salon to get a haircut, for various reasons. Mobility is also an issue for many, and anxiety, smell sensitivities, noise.

Sometimes people are in hospitol or care and need a haircut but can’t get out to a salon, or maybe they are at risk.

Im mobile, can have them in a fresh new cut and styled as soon as I can get there.

Mobile Haircut & Style Service.

For those that don’t do well at salons or around people in a small space..

For those that have trouble sitting still, in wheelchair or bed, anyone with challenges I will adapt and find a way thats comfortable for you to get your hair done and feel good for summer with a fresh look

Msg me anytime for inquiries, or to book your haircut for summer at

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