Bridal Hairstyles

So many choices, so much pressure to look a certain way for your special day.

Not everyone knows what looks good, am I right?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to shop hairstyles for your big day, that’s ok to feel that way.

Here’s a few tips………

Dress line. Is it detailed? Is neckline high? Is there any fine details on the back?

Is it going to be summertime, as in hot 🔥 outside on your day?

Let’s look at updos or half ups to start.

When did you feel prettiest? What was your hair like in your favorite photo of yourself? How long is your hair?

Some brides feel prettiest with hair all down, for these id offer some glam waves to start, or perhaps a half up with voluminous waves?

Still not sure? Mobile Bridal trial service is a great way to test run a style and your stylist. You can even chose 2 styles to try.

Please message anytime if anything I can do to help you in your hair journey for your big day. It’s everything to me that you love your hair and feel more beautiful then ever before ❤️

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